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AME-logo1We now have our own completely integrated suite of aeromedical equipment available through our joint venture (with Medical Rescue Australia Pty Ltd) subsidiary AME Pty Ltd. AME has patented designs for, and has either manufactured or are currently manufacturing, loading systems for Dassault Falcon aircraft, for Bombardier Challenger series aircraft and for Cessna Citation series aircraft.

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We are a new manufacturer in this field and we are focussed on several key points of difference from other manufacturers of such products, all centred around the clinical and physical safety of the patient. Primarily as highly skilled practitioners in this field, our experience has taught us that every effort possible must be made to minimise to the greatest extent possible the risks associated with patient movements/relocations. These are usually always where complications occur, and in the aeromedical field especially upon entry/egress from the aircraft. Accordingly our products focus on ensuring that at no stage in the patient movement into or out of the aircraft, do the clinical or aviation staff have to lift the stretchered patient. Our products are also manufactured from ultra-light weight high strength composite materials, incorporating Carbon, Kevlar and Aramid composites materials. Where metal alloys are utilised in our products, only the highest grade light-weight high strength aluminium alloys and thin wall chrome molybdenum steel products are utilised.

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Shown above are some renderings of current designs for our carbon composite aeromedical stretcher, our unique stretcher base system and a loading system that has been designed for a small aircraft fuselage section – in this case for a Cessna Citation aircraft. A larger version of this type of loading system, with a larger folding ramp mechanism and in internal aircraft stretcher guide mechanism is exampled in the video link below – in this case for the Dassault Falcon 50 series aircraft. This was an earlier system that was installed in a dedicated aeromedical jet but it very simply illustrates the capability of the system that was designed for this aircraft. More recent systems have incorporated several enhancements to this variant.


Importantly our completely integrated suite of aeromedical products has the following elements/advantages:

  • a suite of equipment that has been designed by experienced AME professionals: carbon composite aviation stretchers, ambulance adaptors and loading systems for a range of aircraft.
  • all patented equipment has been built to be produced easily and readily supported; it has also been trialled and tested in typically harsh field conditions.
  • the driver to design this equipment was to be able to transfer patients by road, helicopter and fixed wing air ambulance without the patient having to be moved from their initial stretcher until they reach the final tertiary care facility. Changing stretchers = unnecessary risk to the patient. Using AME equipment removes the risk of exposing patients to stretcher transfer trauma.
  • another key consideration was to remove the need for the stretcher to be lifted by people during the loading process. Lifting = unnecessary risk to the patient and the handling staff. The benefit of using AME’s patented loading systems is that lying patients will never be exposed to this trauma.
  • AME’s suite of equipment is also lighter and more compact than current equipment: AME’s stretchers are lighter and stronger, AME’s life support base systems are more compact & lighter; AME’s loading systems are light and very compact for in-aircraft storage – even in the smallest aircraft on the market.
  • AME equipment is biologically safe and readily reusable: for example AME stretchers can always be cleaned and re-used rather than having to be thrown away in the event of biological contamination.
  • this suite of equipment has also been designed to remain compatible with older style mainstream equipment: the goal was to reduce equipment replacement transition risk and cost.

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The AME life support base is compatibile with exisiting stretchersAME stretcher on life support baseAME stretcher flat

From our own experience in operating such systems before establishing this business, there is no other manufacturer of such systems that provides such light weight fully integrated elements in the manner that we have developed. We believe that our advantage lies in the integration of aeromedical critical care doctors and paramedics, with aviation operators and engineers, and thence also with state of the art materials technology engineering and fabrication firms. In our case all these elements are in-house.

In terms of pricing structures for these systems it is obviously quite difficult to provide definitive pricing for each aircraft or helicopter without first having measured and assessed the extent of modifications that may be required to the base level designs that we already have in place, or indeed to the moulds and fabrication components that we already have developed for various systems. ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) values for our systems as we have developed and sold them to date to other operators are available on request.

Our experience with systems from other manufacturers pre commencing this business has also taught us that there is no true system that any prospective purchaser can simply buy and then get installed in their aircraft and thence get out to commence AME operations. There is always a degree of re-work and modification required in order to configure any system to the aircraft in question. With our complete in-house solution, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer solutions quickly and expeditiously when issues arise, as opposed to simply being a component manufacturer.

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